Picture of BrewsterAfter Cider Anne died, we lasted about 3 months without thinking seriously about getting a new dog, but then at the end of the year contacted the YGRR once again. In May, 2000 they set us up with Brewster, YGRR #3118. Brewster isn't the runner that Cider Anne was. He will jog with me, if forced to, but prefers to stop along the way to sniff anything and everything. His greatest area of expertise is supervising food preparation.

He's a big boy, so his head is at table height. His long tongue can flick snacks off the table at the speed of lightning. So while one prepares food, he must be watched like a hawk. So far the only food he won't eat is parsnips. Personally, I think this shows great merit on his part.

Brewster has been on a strict diet for three years now, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. He still has well larded flanks.

Other than eating, his favorite thing is taking over one of the lounge chairs out on the deck and watching the world go by. I am pretty sure he is Hazel's favorite of all our dogs. Perhaps Jessica's as well.