picture of Colleen (daughter) and Bridget, ca. 1967When I turned 15 in Denver, I was told I could have a dog for my birthday. I thought an Irish Setter would be nice, so I called about one. Oops, it was an Irish Terrier, not Irish Setter. No matter, I wanted a damn dog. Maybe an Irish Terrier would be just fine. So we got Bridget, a grand daughter of the famed Ch. Wahoo Sattelite, who was one of the few Irish Terriers ever to win a Best in Show. The picture on the right shows Bridget with her daughter, Colleen. Bridget is the one on the right.

Bridget lacked the looks of a show dog, but she was spectacular in other ways. She was very smart and was my best friend for years. Bridget was probably the best dog I ever had. When she was 3, I took her to dog obedience school and she eventually did well enough in some dog shows to earn her novice obedience degree. This was not trivial. Bridget was one fiesty bitch so needed a fair bit of coaching not to put other dogs in their places. Once we settled that problem, she did fine, and became very reliable in her training. The novice obedience degree is called CD for companion dog. She surely was that.