Edamame is my grandpuppy. She actually belongs to my daughter, Jessica. But, Edame, as she is generally known, is rather a handfull. Thus, when my daughter was still a student at UMass/Lowell, she would regularly foist Edame on us during the week. Then, on the weekends, Jessica would take Edame off with her for a day or so, and I could get some rest. Now, that Jessica is in graduate school in California, Edame is with us full time, and I'm perpetually worn out.

Edamame is the Japanese word for soy bean, which is more-or-less what Edame looks like, a bean. She is half pug and half Jack Russel Terrier, which apparently makes her a Jug, as far as breeds go. Of course, it's not a real breed, as far as the American Kennel Club is conserned. More like a half breed, perhaps?

Anyway, the Jack Russell part means she has boundless energy. That translates to my needing to run with her for a few miles in the mornings and then walk her and Brewster for a couple more miles in the afternoons. We refer to our long afternoon walk as a gulag death march™. Hence, I'm perpetually worn out. Fortunately, the pug part of Edame's make up means that she is loving and affectionate. So, having her around is not all bad. I just wish I could get more rest.