Colleen and her buddy, Lord Russel, ca. 1968Bridget had a daughter by Ch. Ahtram Legacy (the top Irish Terrier of his era). We named her Colleen. Colleen was with me for about 16 years, from high school until I settled in Reading, MA with a family of my own. She was spectacular with obedience training, won a couple of blue ribbons in novice obedience, and also garnered the High Score Novice Class Award from the Irish Terrier Club of America.

I took Colleen off to graduate school with me with the expectation that I would train her to do the next level of obedience things. We got most of it down, even retrieving. We just never got the jumping down. That's not her fault. I never got her any jumps.

While in grad school, Colleen and I adopted Lord Russell (hangin' with Colleen in the picture). She was a worthy daughter for Bridget, a good companion, smart and fun.